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 PLEBEIAN GRANSTAND «How Hate Is Hard To Define»March 15th 2010 · LP, Digital · THRT001

"Focusing on emotions that captivate as no other and questioning them as they would be at stake for everyone. PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND was presenting more mature elements of composition, telling the difference in what has to become emphasize and what’s to be dropped quickly, so drawing up more progressive patterns on their vision of their music. With "How Hate Is Hard To Define", PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND has reached uncommon grounds and reaches the top level of uncompromising music."


— Artwork by Iamsailor
— Mastered by Carl Saff


350 x black vinyl


01. Kata Ton ∆aimona Eaytoy
02. Ordo Ab Chao
03. Nice Days Are Weak
04. Mein Kopf Ist Meine Heimat
05. Easy to Hate / Hard to Define
06. Pie In The Sky
07. Don't Expect Much From World's End
08. Are You Angry...
09. [...] Or Boring